Lunch Talk “Power, governance and critical thinking in common technology production”

Lunch Talk “Power, governance and critical thinking in common technology production”

In our Lunch Talks the CIHR Fellows present and discuss their current work on their research topics

Friday 18th of October 14:00 -15:30 o┬┤clock | Regina Sipos Daniel Guagnin

Power, governance and critical thinking in common technology production.

CIHR Fellows Regina and Daniel will present recent findings of their research on common production of software and technology. The maker movement, as well as the free software movement are often linked to emancipatory ideals such as participation, empowerment and free culture. However, often despite a general openness regarding collaboration and knowledge sharing, critical reflection about how the technology is constructed and which needs the technology serves or constructs are lacking.

Daniel will talk about the relation between the common normative ground of a community, its governance structure and the resulting product and show how community norms shape the inclusiveness of their software produced. Also he will elaborate how ideas like empowerment and freedom are differently interpreted and enacted by the communities.

Regina will discuss the concept of critical making and show attempts from different communities to move away from making for the sake of maker culture and introduce critical thinking into the process of community-based technology development, making and the do-it-yourself movement.

After the short presentations we will have an open Q&A to discuss with you current shortcomings, necessary steps and potentials of critical thinking and empowerment in emancipatory technology movements.

Place: CHIR office c/o NewThinking Communications, Sch├Ânhauser Allee 6-7, 5th floor, 10119 Berlin please register: ue.rhicnull@eciffo