The Centre for the Internet and Human Rights (CIHR) is a vibrant hub for academic research about technology and society. Our goal is to inform current public and academic debates by producing high-quality research grounded in theory and empirical data.



  • Joanna Bronowicka


  • Ben Wagner

    Senior Researcher

  • Juergen Neyer


  • Stéphanie Horth

    Grant Administrator

  • Kilian Vieth

    Communications Specialist

Research Areas

Technology in International Relations

Changes in technology influence both theory and practice of international relations. We study how digital communications technologies shape global politics, international relations and foreign policy. We also research how actors such as governments, multinational corporations and civil society respond to the global challenges posed by digital technologies.

Norms in Technology

Technology is not neutral, but instead influenced by a wide variety of norms and values. These norms are defined by the individuals who make them, as well as professional communities and societies they belong to. We study how changes to economic, social and cultural norms influence individual and collective life-worlds.

Digital Trade and Development

There is too little research on how the spread of Internet around the world influences policies in trade and development. Narratives about ‘borderless internet’ ignore that technology shifts social, economic and geo-political factors. We study how digital communications challenge existing models of trade and development.