Raphael Bossong

RaphaelRaphael Bossong is a lecturer at the Europe University Viadrina and affiliated with the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy, Hamburg. He is also a member of the Europe Viadrina B/Orders in Motion Centre, where he recently completed a project on EU border and internal security cooperation. He holds a BA in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge and a MA and PhD in International Relations from the LSE.

His research focuses on European crisis management, transnational networks and the extension of risk or security governance across modern societies. Over the last years, he participated in several international research consortiums on these topics and contributed to leading academic journals. His recent publications include “European civil security governance” (2015, Palgrave, with H. Hegemann) and “Explaining EU Internal Security Cooperation” (2014, Routledge, with M.Rhinard).