Hadi Al Khatib

hadiHadi Al Khatib has been working on security and protection of journalists and human rights defenders through facilitating digital security workshops with Tactical Technology Collective, and other organisations, since 2011. He is currently working with a team of security and psycho-social trainers to develop and implement a holistic approach to security for media organisations operating in Syria. This approach integrates physical, psycho-social, and digital aspects in order to sustain and protect the media organisations and their work.

More recently, he has been working on collecting, verifying, and investigating citizen-generated data as evidence of human rights violations with the SyrianArchive project in order to expose and draw attention to human rights violations committed by all sides in the Syrian conflict.

His research will look into how citizen-generated data can be used effectively to advance advocacy and accountability while understanding it’s challenges and limitations. This will include sharing experiences and best practices among human rights organisations which are doing similar work in Iraq and Palestine.