Democratic Meme Factory

Democratic Meme Factory

The Democratic Meme Factory works with young people who want to fight hate, prejudice and discrimination online with their own digital content. Assisted by trainers, participants are encouraged to find their own creative responses to the negative content. They create and disseminate ‘memes’ which reflect their values and craft narratives which contribute to the diverse and pluralist public sphere.

The project combines artistic and cultural forms of expression with political education. The workshops are primarily aimed at young people with migrant background. The project supports innovative hands-on learning methods, creates a space for debate about values and gives an impetus to reflect about values in a democratic society.

The CIHR provides scientific and technical expertise to project partners, helps develop the pedagocical concept and the research design. We will also connect academics with practitioners through joint events and publications.

CIHR Project Manager: Christina Dinar

Project leader: La Red

Project website in German.

Funding body: German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

Information about Demokratie leben! program in German and English.


20 November 2017, “Anyone can be targeted by hate speech”

25 November 2017, “Keep calm and hate hate speech”

2 December 2017 „To hate and let hate? – A basic training on hate speech and counter-strategies“

10 December 2017, “Memes against hatred – a basic training on memes, their effect and how we can use them as comments”